86th Academy Award for Production Design goes to:

Just a few hours parts us from the 86th Academy Awards ceremony. We are particularly impatient about to know who is going to get the Oscar statue for the best production design. The jury will choose one of five movies, each of them made in different styles:

Is it going to be production designer Judy Becker with American Hustle, story set in kitsch but stylish 1970s overwhelming with patterns and golden details and fabulous shiny suits and costumes by Michael Wilkinson?

Andy Nicholson with fictional Gravity and production design based on rigs, sfx/vfx and hi tech motion controls?

Catherine Martin and Karen Murphy for the Great Gatsby, 1920s opulent story with huge and open sets, that are very kitsch and expensive vfx?

K.K. Barrett, main production designer of Spike Jonze with Her and  beautiful minimalistic production design based on details, materials and colours?

Or Adam Stockhausen with 12 Years a Slave, historical story set in 1840s?

We will find out soon! Who is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!


American Hustle


Great Gatsby


12 Years a Slave

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