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Eugenio Caballero having a masterclass on Fest

For those who dont know yet, Oscar winning Production Designer of Pan’s Labyrinth Eugenio Caballero will attend a masterclass in this year FEST film festival in Portugal.  Here is the official news:

With our 10th anniversary coming up it became imperative to take a look behind and bring back some of the most talked about Training Ground speakers from the past.

In this context we could not be more delighted in confirming the return of one of the most influential figures in the field of Production Design, Mexican Oscar winning artists Eugenio Caballero. Continue reading Eugenio Caballero having a masterclass on Fest

86th Academy Award for Production Design goes to:

Just a few hours parts us from the 86th Academy Awards ceremony. We are particularly impatient about to know who is going to get the Oscar statue for the best production design. The jury will choose one of five movies, each of them made in different styles:

Is it going to be production designer Judy Becker with American Hustle, story set in kitsch but stylish 1970s overwhelming with patterns and golden details and fabulous shiny suits and costumes by Michael Wilkinson?

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Back to the Future

I guess I dont have to introduce this iconic film released in 1985 under direction of Robert Zemeckis, designed by one of the best production designers ever – Lawrence G. Paull. One of the most significant movie vehicle was designed for this series: Back to the Future’s DeLorean.

Period movies are always challenge for production designers as much as fun. When you are about to connect 50s, 80s and near future – it sounds like a lot of fun.

Motive of time, clock and time traveling goes through all the story of Back to the Future. Obviously, its the main plot, but even in the brilliant opening sequence, that was created like one continuous storytelling shot, you can see importance of time for dr. Emmett Brown and get introduced to the story just with props and set dressing of Brown’s lab.


Besides all the gadgets dr. Brown has in his house in 80s or all the useless inventions in 50s, the thing that interests us the most is obviously the DeLorean time machine. Production designer Larry Paull and executive producer Steven Spielberg hired veteran of movie design, former Disney animator, concept artist Ron Cobb, man who stands behind designs for movies such as Alien, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and others.

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